Official UNT Tartan - 125th Anniversary

UNT has a new tradition to kick off its 125th anniversary in 2015 that will last through the years to come through the help of the UNT Foundation. The UNT community picked an official tartan designed by Casey Heidt, a senior metalsmithing and fibers major from Arlington.

Voters showed great enthusiasm for the tartan contest in April, using all sorts of manual and automated mechanisms to support their favorite of the three designs created by fibers students in the College of Visual Arts and Design. The results show the double-layered map design garnered the most votes as well as the most votes cast manually.

The pattern is a double-layered map of the campus, with one map featuring the Hurley Administration Building in the center, outlined in black. The thick white lines represent north-south streets such as Hickory Street and the thin black lines are the east-west streets, including Mulberry Street. The other map represents the city of Denton with the downtown square — the location of the first campus — in the center.

UNT now will apply to register the pattern through the The Scottish Register of Tartans. If accepted, the design will be used for blankets, scarves, ties and other merchandise. Proceeds will go to student scholarships. And UNT supporters will have a unique and lasting way to show their Mean Green pride.

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