An Overview of UNT Foundation

What Is the University of North Texas Foundation?

Institutionally related foundations play a vital role in raising and managing private resources in support of public institutions of higher education. Such is certainly the case with the UNT Foundation. Chartered in 1972 as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, the UNT Foundation is able to facilitate gift transactions, enable the acquisition and development of real property, and pursue investment opportunities that might prove difficult or impractical for the state institution it serves. The UNT Foundation also functions as steward of privately contributed resources, ensuring that they are used in compliance with donor intent and maintained separately from public funds.

Another great advantage for the UNT Foundation is the ability to involve talented and dedicated volunteer leaders. While public institution boards are typically politically appointed, the UNT Foundation can recruit individuals with the specific capacities essential to effective fundraising and investment leadership. The ability to engage committed, affluent, influential, and independent volunteer leadership is perhaps the most important rationale for institutionally related foundations.

Unique Advantages of the UNT Foundation

  • Provides a private/public partnership for raising and managing money, yet operates independently of the University unencumbered by certain state regulations
  • Allocates unrestricted moneys to urgent needs that the University is unable to support with state-appropriated funds
  • Provides greater confidentiality and/or anonymity of gift records
  • Manages donated funds and distributes the earnings, as well as the principal, depending upon donor stipulations
  • Maintains separate fund accounts from one fiscal year to the next
  • Permits flexibility in the options for short-term investment of money needed for operating purposes, and in choosing long-term investment opportunities for endowments
  • Accepts and sells tangible personal property and real estate with fewer state restrictions
  • Maintains an independent board, which more effectively attracts volunteers who develop a sense of ownership and pride in the University, critical to fundraising success
  • Works in partnership with the University's Division of Advancement to develop a formal agreement that guides an account established by a donor’s gifts

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