About the UNT Foundation

Mission & Leadership

UNTF History and Mission

The first foundation organized for the benefit of a university was at the University of Kansas in 1893. More than 1,700 institutionally related foundations have been organized since that time. The vast majority of four-year public universities and colleges in America are associated with an affiliated foundation, according to the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities (AGB).

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Board of Directors

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the UNT Foundation is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors composed of up to thirty-five volunteer professional and business leaders—many of whom are UNT alumni, and all of whom have a great love for the University, its students, faculty, and programs.

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Executive Staff

The policies and procedures developed by the Board of Directors of the UNT Foundation are implemented by a dedicated staff of professionals. With more than 95 years combined experience in accounting, fundraising, and business management, the UNT Foundation staff interacts daily with the complete array of interested parties, including university administrators, faculty, fundraising staff, donors and their advisors, and investment professionals.

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An Overview of the UNT Foundation

Institutionally related foundations play a vital role in raising and managing private resources in support of public institutions of higher education. Such is certainly the case with the UNT Foundation.

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UNT Division of Advancement

The Division of Advancement at the University of North Texas is responsible for developing relationships, soliciting contributions, and providing stewardship. The UNT Foundation works closely with our Advancement colleagues in this process. With the Foundation providing the financial and investment expertise, the Advancement staff can focus their efforts solely on generating the additional gift revenue that are so essential for the growth and success of the University. The Division of Advancement is the entrepreneurial arm of the University, with many exciting and stimulating programs and initiatives.

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It is essential that the UNT Foundation's Executive Staff and Board of Directors stay current on the wide array of issues — financial, managerial, governmental, legal — that impact higher educational institutions. Toward that end, the Foundation maintains affiliations with the leading associations and professional education groups throughout the country.

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